CAL-MAG 3.79 L


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Keep your plants productive and green with Cal-Mag, a calcium-magnesium supple­ment from Emerald Harvest. Containing top-quality ingredients, Cal-Mag is designed to nourish crops with extra calcium and magnesium and create the right conditions for abundant flowering and a heavy yield. This is especially important when growing in some media, such as coco coir, but any garden can benefit.

Growers use calcium-magnesium supplements to strengthen their plants and correct nutritional deficiencies inherent to some popular growing media. Calcium regulates growth and encourages plant development, while magnesium is essential for chlo­ropHyll production, so your garden gets enough energy from light. Magnesium also activates enzymes your valuable plants need to uptake nutrients.

Use Cal-Mag as a supplement to a base nutrient series for guaranteed professional resultados:

  • Prevent calcium or magnesium deficiency in your garden.
  • Promotes chloropHyll production in your plants to keep them green and healthy.
  • Activate the enzymes that help your plants uptake nutrients.

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